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Outside-the-Box Solutions for Large-Scale Impact

Hamilton Health Sciences is a community of 15,000 staff, physicians, researchers, and volunteers that proudly serves the healthcare needs of Ontario residents. With 11 locations from hospitals to clinics to doctors’ offices, they offer world-class care with a commitment to the planet’s wellbeing.

When the pandemic exponentially increased the need for difficult to recycle plastics and single-use personal protective equipment (PPE), Hamilton Health Sciences began the search for a partner that could help them collect and divert that waste from landfills. They found Green Circle Solutions.

The Challenge
When COVID-19 hit and the government mandated that every patient, employee, and visitor must wear a mask, Hamilton Health Sciences immediately recognized the issue of large quantities of difficult-to-recycle plastics and personal protective equipment (PPE) ending up in landfills, creating a long-lasting negative effect on the health of the environment.

At the start of the pandemic, an estimated 63,000 tons1 of COVID-19 related-PPE ended up in Canadian landfills, between June 2020 and June 2021. Hamilton Health Sciences was determined to do its part to lessen the pandemic’s impact on their country and the planet.

The Answer
Hamilton Health Sciences searched for a partner who could help them divert their difficult to recycle plastics and PPE waste away from landfills. They sent out requests for proposals and found Green Circle Solutions, which offers customized recovery programs for hard-to-recycle items. Ultimately, they chose Green Circle Solutions because of their decade of proven experience, competitive pricing, and serviceability. Together, the team created a custom solution that included volume-based pricing, a new collection box design built for ease of use, and a bespoke poster to increase awareness and adoption with staff and patients alike.

Hamilton Health Sciences received their waste collection boxes regularly, ensuring they could stay a step ahead of difficult to recycle plastics and PPE waste. To minimize waste, boxes were placed in both high-traffic areas and near all exit points. As people left each location, boxes, and signage helped remind employees, patients, and visitors to dispose of their PPE waste in a safe, environmentally friendly way.

The Impact
Over the course of the pandemic, these efforts resulted in Hamilton Health Sciences diverting difficult to recycle plastics and PPE waste from locations across Ontario, Canada. Instead of ending up in the landfill, this waste was converted into recycled fabrics and plastics. 

The Advantage
With deep expertise and flexible services, Green Circle Solutions is uniquely positioned to help make a global impact. The secret? Make every pound matter. Find out more about the Green Circle Solutions advantage.

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