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Customized Services for a Cleaner World

When it comes to saving the planet, it’s great to work with the best. BEST Service Pros, Canada’s leading janitorial and maintenance services provider, has been committed to measuring and offsetting its carbon footprint since 2007. With a long history of developing and managing building services for large, public-use facilities, BEST Service Pros benchmarks their practices at all of their sites to continually develop green and innovative solutions.

When single-use personal protective equipment (PPE) became a part of everyday life during COVID-19, Best Service Pros sought out a like-minded organization that could help them divert their difficult to recycle plastics and PPE waste from landfills. They partnered with Green Circle Solutions and together doubled down on their sustainability goals.

The Challenge
BEST Service Pros’ mission—For a cleaner world—has more than one meaning. Not only do they help industries and institutions across Canada stay safe and healthy, they also recognize their responsibility to reduce their environmental impact every step of the way.

Responsible for cleaning over 60 million square feet every day, the pandemic sparked a search for a partner that could help them find a greener way to dispose of gloves, masks, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) at client locations.

The Answer
They found Green Circle Solutions, which has over 10 years of experience with difficult to recycle plastics and specializes in making it easy to recycle and PPE and single-use waste. Green Circle Solutions was able to keep up with Best Service Pros’ rapid-fire needs in a cost-effective fashion. Together they began a pilot program at one of their central client sites, which was so successful they quickly rolled it out in other locations, eventually expanding to 30 sites across the country.

At the heart of the partnership was a human touch—requests were replied to quickly and by real people who could respond to any questions or concerns. That customer service, paired with detailed reporting on their reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, helped BEST Service Pro feel good about not only their experience but also the quantifiable impact their efforts had on the environment.

The Impact
After expanding even further to all 50 locations across Canada, BEST Service Pros is leading the charge in responsible waste removal in the maintenance and janitorial services industry. In December 2022, the average rate of PPE diversion across Canada was 40%, rapidly increasing to 54% in the following month of January1. BEST Service Pros wants to go further, with an ultimate goal of 85% diversion rate across the board, and Green Circle Solutions is positioned to rapidly advance towards their sustainability goals.

The Advantage
Green Circle Solutions’ customized approach to client needs, cost-effective programs, and responsive customer service give our customers the edge they’re searching for. Find out more about the Green Circle Solutions advantage.

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